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The Lyreco Pioneer Programme is the cornerstone of our global innovation strategy. It is a fantastic opportunity to tap into the limitless creativity of the 12,000 employees of the Lyreco Group and find solutions to some of our customers most pressing challenges.

Lyreco Pioneers is an intrapreneurship program, where selected project teams from the whole Lyreco Group receive support to develop, test, and pitch their product or service idea. They learn the concept of Design Thinking through regular coaching and online tutorials.

DEMO DAY - coming up May 31, 2023


After the candidates spend four months of having their ideas incubated from concept to prototype, each of our six teams will pitch their solutions to our invited audience.



The jury will have a budget to invest in what they consider to be the most promising projects so that from June 2023 onwards we can start to build solutions that will hit the market.

Project Ideas for 2023


  • What new products or services could we create that can accelerate sales in the safety sector?

  • What new ways of creating revenue can you imagine that does not depend on selling products?

Person In Safety Gear On Construction Site

Smart Safety Helmet & PPE

Wearable sensors to enhance the use and functionality of PPE


Refrigerated Goods

Virtual W + W Simulation Tool

Virtualization tool for purchasing Welfare & Wellness products.

(South Korea)

Holding Plant

LCA as a Service

Solutions to provide companies with CO2 data on their products

(Sweden, Denmark)

Business Meeting

Space +++

User-oriented software solution that makes good meeting organisation simple


Construction Manager

Workwear for Women - Made by Women

Inclusive safety standards for women using workwear and PPE

(UK, Sweden)

Working with Laptop


Providing the best-in-class work applications as a package 


Past Edition
Impressions - Demo Day 2022

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