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  • Marc Curtis

Announcing our Lyreco Pioneers!

Back in October we launched our first ever Lyreco Pioneers initiative. Every employee of the Lyreco Group of Companies was invited to submit their ideas to one of the four Innovation Challenges.

  1. How can reduce our internal energy use, CO2e emissions or the materials we consume?

  2. What could we create that could help our customers make more sustainable choices?

  3. How might we use technology to simplify our internal processes?

  4. How might we deliver a more frictionless customer experience?

The response has been staggering. 260 of you submitted ideas - that 2% of the whole of Lyreco Group of Companies!

Our jury of 8 experts reviewed each and every idea (no small feat!) and graded them our of five on Innovation, Relevance, Impact, Complexity and Adoption.

We then all met to review the top 20 scoring ideas to debate which of them should go through to the final round.

The selection process was hard - there were so many great ideas, not to mention quite a few similar topics. We had the unenviable task of reviewing groups of related submissions in order to choose one that we felt answered the challenge best.

In the process of reviewing the ideas, we have also started sorting and grouping them by country, department and topic. This will enable us to present this idea backlog to departments and countries. We've already started booking meetings with the right people for January!

In addition, everyone who entered an idea will be invited to join a newly created Lyreco Pioneers community on Workplace. Members of this group (which any of you can join) will be at the vanguard of the Pioneering at Lyreco!

Our successful candidates

🇫🇷 Juliette Cliquet

(& Océane Pouille, Nicolas Leger, Simon Tancre)

Shipping Transparency


Adding transparency and visibility to our logistics by creating a platform that will enable our customers to track their deliveries in real time.

​ 🇵🇱 JarosławChwastowicz

(& Krzysztof Szewczyk)

Customer Dashboard


The dashboard covers 3 business areas:

1.Increase sustainable product in baskets - by reporting on sustainability

2.Increase loyalty – by adding value to the customer relationship

3.Increase sales – opportunities to recommend products to the customer

🇳🇴 SiwAas

(& Lars Gustavson)

Green Loyalty Program


A program to reward our customers with #GreenPoints to help them make more sustainable choices.

​🇫🇷 Vincent Furic

(& Sandie Malcuit)

3D Printing Services


Following the trend for more efficient ways of responding to our customers needs.

3D printing enables us to create items and spare parts for our customers on demand!

​🇩🇪 Martina Rogall

Sustainable packaging


One of our hottest topics!

Develop a sustainable packaging solution that enables the reuse of our delivery boxes.

🇲🇾 Brenda Lua

Smart Building


Create smart workplace using IOT sensors to create energy and occupancy efficiency.

Explore how we can productise smart building technology for our customers.


Congratulations to everyone who entered, and good luck to our 6 successful applicants!

If you have any question or want to find out more about this and any of the other Innovation initiatives, please contact us using the contact form on this website



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