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  • Marc Curtis

Lyreco Lab: Liquid Work Season Round up

Our most recent Lyreco Lab season has now come to an end, so we thought we'd share with you some of the products we've be showcasing.

New ways of working have emerged in recent years. Teleworking, asynchronous working, working from a co-working space, working in a flex office but also working from your car...

To illustrate work that slips into new temporalities and locations, we have exhibited in the Innovation Lab in Marly some objects related to the Liquid Work trend.

The mobile office desk, Platoto

A wooden tray that attaches to the steering wheel allowing mobile workers to work or eat comfortably from their car. This tray is an eco-designed, sustainable innovation made in France.

The Acoustic Tipi by Rousseau Agencement

TIPI is an eco-designed acoustic chair. Made using circular economy principles, it reuses panel and textile scraps. All the stitching is done by disabled people in the ESAT Adgesti (Employment rehabilitation establishments and services). This design chair is conceived as a mobile cocoon allowing you to work and make calls in an acoustic bubble.

An office in a box (more information available here)

Inside a the Hotbox (a portable storage solution), the essentials of working can be stored.

To improve ergonomics at work, a compact computer riser was selected as well as noise-reducing headphones. A computer mouse and a foldable Bluetooth keyboard illustrate the need for practical and easily storable items.

Finally, for those who like to write but are concerned about the environmental impact of paper, a reusable notebook was displayed.


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