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Lyreco Pioneers Programme: Fostering Workplace Innovation


Innovation drives progress, particularly in the dynamic B2B sector. In November 2023, we at Lyreco Innovation, launched the Lyreco Pioneers programme. This initiative aimed to solve unmet SMB needs and enhance the working day. Here's a glimpse into the programme's journey, concluding with the thrilling Demo Day on 6th June 2024.


Call for Ideas and Entrepreneurs


The programme began with a call for innovative ideas and aspiring entrepreneurs, receiving numerous submissions from across Europe. By December, six exceptional ideas and their teams were selected to proceed.


The Incubation Phase: Immersed in Innovation


Starting in February 2024, the chosen teams entered a four-month incubation phase, transforming their ideas into viable solutions. This phase incorporated design thinking and the lean startup methodology.


Initially, teams validated their challenges through extensive customer interviews. Some discovered new challenges and pivoted their focus, showcasing their adaptability and customer-centric approach.


Demo Day: Showcasing Innovation


The incubation phase culminated in the highly anticipated Demo Day on 6th June. Each team had six minutes to pitch their solutions to experts and industry professionals. The excitement was palpable as the teams presented their hard work and innovative solutions.


Spotlight on PPE Protect

One standout team was PPE Protect, led by Luc Dewinter and Chris Van Den Bruel from Benelux. Their platform revolutionises how safety advisors select and manage personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring compliance with evolving certifications and legislation. PPE Protect now enters the acceleration phase, with ongoing support from the Lyreco innovation team and Lyreco Intersafe to bring their idea to market.


Special Mention: Accessible Workplace Project


Anna Kamedula’s Accessible Workplace project received a special mention from the jury. Recognising the importance of this topic, the jury highlighted the need for further investigation to enhance Lyreco’s ability to support all workers, regardless of their individual needs and challenges.


Other Innovative Teams


- Workspace Wizard – Pavel Dedek and Katarina Raczova from WISE: Providing maintenance kits for SMBs to address simple maintenance issues like décor, leaky taps, and wobbly tables.

- Lyra – Ana Ramalho from Norway: An AI assistant to help business owners with tasks such as reports, diaries, research, and legal matters.

- CSRD with Lyreco – Carlotta Aiello from Italy: A service aiding small businesses in completing their CSRD reports to comply with upcoming legislation.

- Lyreco @yourservice – Faustas Nazarovas from Sweden: Offering concierge services to small businesses in co-working spaces.


We congratulate all the teams that weren’t selected for acceleration. Their hard work and well-received ideas & pitches demonstrate the potential for further development at a local level.


Looking Ahead


The Lyreco Pioneers programme is more than a competition; it’s a commitment to fostering innovation that enhances the workplace experience for our Lyreco Colleagues and our customers.. As PPE Protect moves into the acceleration phase, we eagerly anticipate its impact on safety management across various industries.


For us, the success of the Lyreco Pioneers programme demonstrates the power of collaboration, customer-centric innovation, and the relentless pursuit of practical solutions. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to champion workplace innovation.

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