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What if the change we are looking for started in the Innovation Lab?

Last June, we embarked on the Innovation Lab adventure in Lyreco’s HQ. We gave ourselves 12 months to explore the six trends of the future of work.

At the beginning of September, we completed season 1 exploring the ‘Work well' Trend. And we started season 2 ‘On a Mission’ right away. If you want to know more about the trend On a Mission, do not hesitate to read this article.

Given the scope of the mission, the hardest part is knowing where to start, however one of the main goals of innovation at Lyreco is to explore and experiment with the future of work.

Here are the three areas we hope will inspire you and help you make a positive impact on our sector and wider society.

Area 1: Consumption

The IPCC 2021 report stated that we all need to change our methods of consumption.

In our core business, we are proud to stock the Leitz Recycle Range. Every product in the Recycle range is climate neutral. It is made from a high percentage of recycled materials. Moreover, it can easily be disassembled to ease recycling.

Upcycled products can also be an option. In the North of France, we have found two brands: La Virgule & Confectio (Vitamine T). They are trying to be as engaged as possible from an environmental and social point of view.

La Virgule employs disabled workers to create upcycled eco-responsible backpacks from end-of-life sports products. Vitamine T is one of the leaders in rehabilitation through economic activity in France. Vitamine T founded Confectio, a textile factory that hires workers in professional rehabilitation.

Area 2: Recycling

Recycling what we consume is the second step.

The sorting of waste is probably one of the most accessible personal actions when talking about sustainability.

Currently tested in Poland, Bin-e is a smart waste bin. The Bin-e artificial intelligence does all the sorting work and selects the correct waste container. Artificial intelligence at the service of recycling is an effective way to help increase recycling by making the process easier for consumers.

One gamified version of recycling is currently tested in the lab. The creators of RecyclageVR have given themselves a double challenge. They wanted to create a fun game and to educate about waste recycling. The players immerse themselves in a sorting center, then, thanks to gamification, they learn how to throw the waste in the correct recycle bin. A fun an informative way to take responsibility for your own waste recycling.

Area 3: Nutrition

This is for anyone who likes new sensations and is not afraid to try something different.

Entomophagy, or eating insects, could solve some parts of the problem of world hunger. The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) proposes this as an alternative to farmed meat. The protein obtained through this option pollutes less and is less expensive to produce.

We are testing the Kriket bars in the vending machine in Marly. It is a healthy alternative to the classic protein-enriched cereal bar. If you have already tried them or have eaten something similar, feel free to give us your feedback!

Across all these areas there is Too Good To Go and Phenix. 1/3 of the food we produce is thrown away. Too Good To Go and Phenix fight against food waste by helping merchants get rid of soon-to-be-discarded food.

It is a short step from being inspired to taking action. Our goal this season is to inspire as many people as possible on current social and environmental issues.

If you come to Marly, you can see some of these demonstrated in the Innovation Lab.

You can also explore many other objects in the innovation lab: a biodegradable surgical mask, the Clean Box, the Loop reusable containers, the Castalie water fountain, the Hipli reusable packages, or soon, the AUUM machine.

Do not hesitate to pay us a visit!

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