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Crafting a solution and improving on it again and again until your early adopters love it.

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Step 1

Get approval

This step is all about planning your MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


First, in order to get off to a good start, you need to ensure that you’ve defined what success looks like. We tend to think in terms of North Star metrics – these are guiding ambitions that enable us to check whether our project is heading in the right direction. They may not be linked to financial targets, rather they can be more relevant to the challenge or the intended audience.


For example: “We want to save our customers 100hrs of effort over 3 months” or “To see our [new product] on 10% of our customer’s desks”

Secondly, getting business buy-in is essential for your projects’ success.​ This is where we can start to think about what resources we will need for the MVP.


It’s a universal law that all plans will change, but knowing what to expect for the first stages can help us measure and review the project as it evolves.​

Step 2

Test & iterate

Let's now run the MVP.

The single most important output from the cycle of iterative MVPs is – have we created something of value that goes some way to answering the challenge


In reality, it is likely that you will need to run multiple MVPs, each one building on the feedback and learnings from the previous one.​


Not answering the solution with the first MPV is completely normal and expected. The best and most scalable solutions are those that have been tested and shaped by customer feedback.

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Step 3


Whatever the outcome of the MVP, communicating on your initiative is essential.

Having reached the stage where your MVP is answering the challenges and achieving it's North Star Metric, we will help you put together an info pack to inform and prepare the relevant teams to scale the solution.

If for whatever reason, the project is stopped, it is important to communicate a case study in order for everyone to learn from the experience. What went well, what didn't etc?

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