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Understanding the challenge, collect customer information, research the market and define possible solutions​. 

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Step 1

Define the Challenge

The bedrock of creating an innovation solution is to start with a clearly defined problem statement. In preparation for the process, we will work with you to define the problem, and to explore some of the context that surrounds it.

There are a number of techniques to help you articulate the challenge, but they all share a common theme: listening to customers.

Once you've identified the problem, make sure to validate it with the customer.

Step 2

Capture ideas

What solutions can help customers address the problem previously identified and validated ?


Now is time for brainstorming! We will use a Creative Matrix to think about who we are trying to help and what possible types of solutions could exist.

Before embarking on the Create phase, make sure to test your ideas and assumptions with your intended audience.

Present the solution, don’t sell it!​


Any learnings from this should be documented and used to challenge or confirm the proposed solutions.​


Be prepared for the customer to reject the ideas. Redefining the solution at this stage is infinitely preferable to doing so at the end of a project.

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