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Demo Day Season 3

Kyra Hollard

12 Jun 2024

Last Thursday, June 6th, we held Pioneers' third Demo Day!

During Demo Day Season 3, our 6 teams pitched their innovative projects! With only 6 minutes of pitching, and 6 minutes of questions from the audience, our entrepreneurs needed to convince the jury of their project's potential. For the past 4 months, our Pioneers have been working on creating and improving their fascinating ideas. During this time, the teams created a clear project, which they tested with their target group. This would lead to big improvements, and even pivoting, creating the best solutions for Lyreco's customers.

Best pitch

A new component this year was the Best Pitch. The audience, both in the room and live, was able to support their favorite pitch based on the presentation itself. The winner of this vote is Poland's Anna Kamedula!


The jury decides which teams get to advance to the Acceleration Phase, where they will continue working on the project for the upcoming three months. In this stage, they will evolve their prototypes into operational Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), prepared for introduction to Lyreco's customers.

This year, the winning project was PPE Protect, created by Benelux's Chris van den Bruel and Chris Dewinter! The tool recommends specific PPE products for each task, tailored to the customer's Risk and Workplace Analysis. PPE Protect streamlines the process for safety advisors, making it easier to navigate complex regulations and work environments while ensuring workers receive the appropriate PPE, thus preventing incidents and conserving time.

Special mention

Anna Kamedula's Accessible Workplace received a special mention from the jury, for its focus on a very important topic. The project offers workplace adaptation services aimed at enhancing the workday for individuals with special needs, with a focus on neurodiversity and disabilities. It takes into account not just the physical space and equipment, but also the methods of working, adopting a holistic approach to wellbeing. Although the project will not proceed to the Acceleration Phase, team Innovation will continue to work closely with Anna.

Read more about the exciting day on our blog!

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