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Lyreco to become the first worlds first B2B company to work with Loop

Loop is a well-established startup seeking to fundamentally change the ownership of packaging. The company is owned by Teracycle, experts in sustainable waste management.

Loop is working with a wide range of brands from Unilever, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser and others to create a range of reusable containers that can be collected, sanitised (by Loop) and returned to the suppliers for refilling.

The containers are designed to be used a 100+ times (and at end of life, ultimately recycled).

This shift means that the containers should be viewed as an asset for the brands rather than as part of the cost of goods.

Brands using Loop packaging are already available in the consumer market in Tesco (in the UK) and Carrefour (in France), with further B2C rollouts schedules in many more countries around the world.

The proof of concept

Lyreco has negotiated an opportunity to become the first B2B company to partner with Loop in the world.

Lyreco WISE, supported by Group Innovation, are running the project which is sponsored by Claire Smith - the WISE Customer Marketing Director.

The first step in the partnership will be to test the concept in the B2B space by recruiting one or more suppliers who can trial refillable containers for a small number of products currently sold by Lyreco.

Lyreco will engage with a small number of key customers to test a number of factors – market fit, logistical considerations etc.

Circular Economy Pledge

This project is a major step towards fulfilling out CE pledge commitment to using circular packaging for Lyreco branded products by 2025.



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