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News from Pioneers Season 2 - Acceleration Phase!

On May 31st, three projects were selected to be accelerated after their live pitches at Demo Day in Brussels. Throughout the first month of the acceleration phase, the teams had to come up with a roadmap and clear objectives for this crucial phase. The pioneers presented their action plans to their Managing Directors and have embarked on the execution phase!

Workwear for Women (Deborah Berglund & Martyna Kujawaska), the awareness programme to improve women’s safety and tackle gender bias in workwear, is being developed in close collaboration with suppliers. A trial to explore new ways of promoting women’s PPE with selected customers is being planned. The team is working hard on the platform content and development. Cross-functional teams from the IT, category, sales, communications, and marketing have been mobilised for the project’s implementation in Sweden and the UK.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a Service (Ellen Söderlund, Johanna Jigmo-Linde & Camilla Rasmussen), designed to enable our suppliers to calculate the impact of their products, is making great progress. The goal for August is to engage potential Swedish sustomers (= supplier/customer), educate the stakeholders and extend outreach. Simultaneously, the team is working on a second and third product category for testing with our suppliers in the upcoming weeks.

Smart Safety Helmet & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Josep Corbella), which uses Internet of Things (IoT) to connect work safety equipment in order to minimise and monitor risks, has made substantial strides since the pitch session. A start-up has been chosen to facilitate the testing phase with selected customers who are interested in enhancing the safety of their working environments. The test phase is currently being collaboratively designed with stakeholders and is set to be deployed in the coming weeks.

Hats off to the amazing pioneer teams and supporters who have driven these projects! Their teamwork and passion propel Lyreco innovation forward.

Stay tuned for more updates on these dynamic projects as they continue to reshape our company's offerings. Exciting times ahead!



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